Park Ridge Outfitters Trek Pro Walking Poles Review

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The Trek Pro trekking poles are among the more popular walking poles because their advantages outnumber their disadvantages.

We also want to emphasize that proper care and maintenance are a must for these poles so that the following benefits can be thoroughly enjoyed.


  • Durable aluminum shaft suitable for beginners and intermediate enthusiasts in trekking
  • Adjustable shaft length
  • With built-in anti-shock mechanism
  • Easy and comfortable to use
  • Affordable price


  • Comparatively heavier than other competing walking poles
  • Cannot be placed inside backpack because of 26-inch length when folded

Trekking poles, also known as walking poles and hiking poles for obvious reasons, aren’t just a fad among enthusiasts of outdoor recreational activities!

These poles have practical purposes that every backpacker, trekker, and hiker will appreciate as soon as they use them as intended.

Their benefits include the improvement of balance when tackling rough terrain, the reduction of strain on the muscles and joints of the lower limbs, and the attainment of a more efficient walking rhythm.

But these should be appropriately used because there are also disadvantages to their use, such as the poles snapping on scree fields and their sharp carbide tips damaging the plants.

Keep these things in mind whenever you’re using these Park Ridge Outfitters Trek Pro walking poles.

Key Features

The Trek Pro trekking poles have the following key features that we think make it a good choice if you’re looking for hiking poles beginners can quickly get the hang of.

  • Comes with replaceable rubber tips and mud/snow baskets for versatile use, from hard ground to muddy soil
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    Comes with a storage clip for convenient transport in your bag or car
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    Telescoping mechanism allows for adjustable length of the poles

Park Ridge Outfitters Trek Pro Walking Poles Review

When we tested the Trek Pro trekking poles, we found that these were durable, practical and versatile overall but there were a few minor issues, which may or may not be a big deal to others.

Ease Of Use​

When you receive it in its original package, the poles are folded into their shortest length thus adjustments in length will be necessary before you can use them.

You will find these length adjustments easy to make because of the telescoping mechanism, particularly the turn and lock design, in an opening and closing the sections.

You may find that the parts seem to become stuck at one point but just slightly jiggle the pole to get a smoother operation.

There’s little assembly involved aside from adjusting the length of the poles and attaching their rubber ferrules or mud/snow baskets.

While you can assemble the poles on the field for their first use, you will agree that it’s best to assemble them at home and test them in your yard, in a neighborhood park, or in a nearby woods.

You will then be able to determine whether some adjustments or defects require your attention.

When used in outdoor situations, these poles are easy to use. You place your hand inside the wrist strap of each pole and hold the handle.

You can start walking with the poles just as you would without poles, although there’s a low learning curve involved for first-time users.

Just fold the poles when you want to carry them in your backpack or strap them to your mountain bike.

Build Quality

These poles are made of aluminum alloy, a material chosen for its sturdy and robust quality.

According to the manufacturer, it’s the same material used for the frame in airplanes, so durability isn’t an issue with these walking poles.

You may even use them for leverage when ascending and descending hills, as well as for tackling harsh terrain from rocky ground to muddy soil.

You can lean on them for stability and support during these instances without worrying about bending or breaking them into several pieces. You will not feel the poles flexing when you lean upon them, too.

There’s a minor issue with the poles that you must be aware of.

While it only happened once during our testing, the plastic tips didn’t thread in as well as expected. We juggled the piece a bit, and the problem was resolved.

Look & Feel​

On first sight, the poles have a professional look from the well-built handle and strap at the top to the robust tungsten tips at the bottom.

When you’re using them, your confidence in your trekking skills will likely increase, partly because you look the part of an experienced trekker.

The aluminum alloy shaft has a thick feel to it, but it’s amazingly lightweight.

Your arms will not become tired too early on your trek because these feel like a natural extension of them, aside from being light enough to lift thousands of times during your trek.


The Trek Pro walking poles use a turn and lock mechanism in an opening and closing the sections, as previously mentioned.

The parts can then be shortened or lengthened according to your desired length that, in turn, will be influenced by several factors.

These include your height and build, type and height of terrain you will be tackling, and duration of your trek; you may have to change the length along the way, too.

The poles can be adjusted between 26 and 54 inches, the average minimum and maximum lengths for most walking poles.

Be sure to check that the sections are locked into place before using the poles so that these can be used safely.

The poles should ideally be of the same length although a few people may want them to be of slightly different lengths for their reasons.

Even when used in rugged terrain for extended periods, these poles withstand the abuse.

There may be slight dents on the shafts from hitting hard objects on the trail, but these are normal with use.

Never attempt to hammer them back into place because it can only worsen the shaft’s condition.

These poles can be used on most types of terrain, both indoors and outdoors, although specific steps must be made to ensure their safe and effective use.

You may also change the bottom part of the field.

For smooth surfaces, such as on pavement and dirt road, the rubber ferrules will work best in getting a good grip on the ground.

For rocky and gravelly surfaces, the carbide tips will provide a better hold on the uneven terrain and, thus, allow for more excellent balance on the rough ground.

For soft fields, such as on mud caused by rain or melted snow and even on snow, the mud/snow baskets will prevent the poles from sinking too much into it.

And if you’re looking for a serviceable pole for hanging your light clothes or for making shelter, then these poles will also work.

These should be able to take the weight of a fully-grown person although we also don’t recommend using them for heavier objects.

The rubber ferrules and carbide tips may fall off, but it’s a rare occurrence, not to mention that these are covered by the manufacturer’s 1-year warranty.

The issue with the twist locks is a common one among walking poles, but it’s easily solved.

The Trek Pro walking poles also have an anti-shock system, which you may or may not need in your trekking poles.

But it were there and based on our testing; it works relatively well in absorbing the vibrations when the pole hits the ground.

The main benefit that comes from it is in reducing the stress to which your arms and shoulders are subjected to with each step of the pole.


These are reasonably priced walking poles that every hiker and trekker can afford to buy. Many online shops also offer discounts on each set.

How Does It Compare To Other Products?​

1. BrainyTrade Image walking poles

The BrainyTrade Image walking poles also have an anti-shock mechanism that can be turned on and off, as well as twist lock adjustments, and telescoping pole design like the Trek Pro.

But the former has a longer length when folded (i.e., 27 inches) as well as a more ergonomic cork grip.

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2. Montem Ultra Strong trekking poles

The Montem Ultra Strong trekking poles use adjustable bolts for length adjustments while its longest length is only 53 inches; the Trek Pro extends up to 54 inches.

Both also come with a 1-year limited warranty as well as made of lightweight yet sturdy aluminum alloy.

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3. Life & Fit FitLife Nordic walking poles

The Life & Fit FitLife Nordic walking poles are made of high-grade aluminum allow, too, as well as equipped with anti-shock mechanism, EVA foam handles with straps.

Both the Trek Pro and FitLife poles have a telescoping design for ease in making length adjustments.

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4. BAFX Products and Trek Pro walking poles

The BAFX Products and Trek Pro walking poles don’t have significant differences, too.

Both poles can extend from approximately 27 inches to around 54 inches, thanks to their telescoping mechanism.

Both are also equipped with metal tips, rubber ferrules, and mud baskets.

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The bottom line: The Park Ridge Outfitters Trek Pro hiking poles is a reliable product that can be used for light and moderate trekking and hiking.

But you may also use it for heavy-duty purposes once in a while.