Montem Ultra Strong Walking Poles Review

Montem Ultra Strong Walking Poles 

Ease Of Use

Build Quality

Look & Feel



Overall Rating

The Montem Ultra Strong walking poles have more pros than cons.

Thus, it’s among the more popular poles of its kind.


  • Ultra-strong and sturdy construction suitable for heavy-duty use
  • Can be customized according to your desired length
  • Easy to assemble
  • Comfortable to use on short and long walks
  • Portable
  • Comes with 1-year limited warranty


  • Poles can vibrate too much when used on rocky ground
  • No anti-shock system

Trekking poles are a must-have accessory for trekkers, hikers, and backpackers – and we have good reasons for saying so!

Also known as walking poles and hiking sticks, these provide added support and stability on uneven terrains, such as dirt ground or muddy soil.

These also allow for better walking stride and rhythm so that their users can go farther without becoming tired earlier.

These benefits are precisely the ones that the Montem Ultra Strong walking poles can provide with proper and regular use!

Aside from their use in outdoor activities, these may even be used as walking aids for people recovering from a joint-related injury or illness.

But emphasis must be made that these are primarily used for trekking, hiking, and backpacking. 

Key Features

The Montem Ultra Strong walking poles may initially look indistinguishable from the rest of the competing products.

But our close inspection revealed the following distinguishing features:

  • With adjustable bolts for making the length adjustments, which make for a more natural and faster process than twist-lock mechanisms
  • check
    Made of 7075 aluminum, a high-strength material used on frames for airplanes
  • check
    Ultra-lightweight walking poles weighing 9.2 ounces per pole

The bottom line: These poles can handle the heavy-duty stress placed on them when hiking or trekking for several hours at a time.

These can even be used for other safety purposes, such as warding off animals and checking the depths of mud holes.

But since these poles isn’t an all-in-one mobility aid, especially as part of your physical therapy and rehabilitation program, your doctor may recommend another type of walking device.

A Video Montem Ultra Strong Walking Poles 

Montem Ultra Strong Walking Poles Review

Keep in mind that when you’re trekking or hiking for a day or more, the things that you bring along matters!

You should ideally bring things that are durable, functional and portable – and the Montem Ultra Strong walking poles meet these requirements.

You must, nonetheless, know how to use it well so that these can, indeed, be a beneficial tool in your journey.

Ease Of Use​

These are telescoping walking poles that come nearly fully assembled when shipped to your home.

Each package is already a self-contained set that can be used as soon as the pieces are assembled.

The package contents include a pair of poles (i.e., two identical poles), as well as a clip for keeping the poles together when these aren’t in use, a pair of replaceable rubber tips, and a couple of mud baskets.

Before use, it’s a simple matter of attaching the rubber tips and mud baskets to the bottom end of the poles.

You should adjust the length of the poles according to your height, desired walking stride and pace, and terrain where these poles will be used.

Such a step is a must because the poles are shipped in their shortest length of about 24 inches, an unsuitable height for walking where normal adults are concerned.

The telescoping poles have a maximum length of 53 inches, which should suffice for most teens as well as adult men and women.

You may have to experiment with the appropriate length, but it’s a relatively easy task, thanks to the adjustable bolts on the poles.

You may also have a learning curve in manipulating these bolts, but within minutes, you will likely get the hang of it, as we did.

Once assembled, the walking poles are easy to use, too.

You may feel awkward using them at first, especially when it’s your first time using trekking poles, but after a few steps of using it on even ground, your gait, pace, and speed becomes like second nature.

You will then have an easier time using them on tougher and rougher terrain afterward.

Build Quality​

The Montem Ultra Strong walking poles are made of high-strength, high-tensile 7075 aluminum allow for the shaft and EVA foam handles for the grip.

The rod doesn’t bend, much less break, so quickly when used on hiking trails although putting your entire weight on a single pole for several minutes increases the risk of breakage.

We surmise that the poles’ holding capacity may be around 120 kilos, the standard capacity in aluminum trekking poles nowadays.

Look & Feel​

These aluminum walking poles have a professional look and feel to them when taken out of the box – shiny without being too glossy, thick aluminum yet with a lightweight feel when in the hands.

You may feel like a professional trekker with years of experience when you’re using it, and such confidence is part of your success in trekking.

The hand straps are made of thick nylon fabric with a reasonably thick padding, but the nylon strap hand protector doesn’t have any pads.

We have a mixed reaction to such a combo – the padded hand straps are comfortable to use even for extended hours on the trail, but the non-padded protector necessitated the use of gloves half the time.

Otherwise, small yet tolerable blisters may develop over time.

Each pole weighs approximately 9.6 ounces, among the lightest walking poles in our list.

But these aren’t so light that the feeling of security from being able to put force into the poles, such as when you’re going uphill or downhill, is absent.

But we have to call out the manufacturer about the mild to moderate vibrations from the poles when they hit the ground.

The vibrations are mainly noticeable on rocky surfaces, which can result in an annoying noise and uncomfortable feeling.

Walking poles, after all, should ideally reduce the stress on the muscles and joints from the impact made when the feet hit the ground.

But if you’re carrying weight on your poles, the absence of an anti-shock system is a minor inconvenience, if not a welcome feature.


The Montem Ultra Strong walking poles are mostly reliable in performance on various types of terrain and situations.

The sturdy and robust aluminum shaft can withstand the abuse of thousands of impact on the rocky and muddy ground.

But there will be instances when the poles may appear to bend too much, almost to the breaking point, so it’s best to use them properly (i.e., no leaning on them too much).

Be sure to tighten the adjustable bolts, too, so that these will not easily loosen or budge during your trip.

Once these are as tight as can be, the telescoping will be less likely to retract even on treacherous segments of the trail.

The choice of using the tungsten tips, rubber ferrules, and mud baskets depends on the type of terrain you will be tackling ahead.

The tungsten tips usually have a good grip on most surfaces, especially in rocky or gravelly areas.

The rubber ferrules are great for maintaining balance on the even yet slippery ground, such as on moss-covered rocks.

The mud baskets are great for tackling soft ground, such as mud from rain or melted snow.

The grips have a rubberized texture and comfortable pommels for an excellent grip although we experienced them sometimes twisting.

You may also use the grip pommels to adjust your hand and wrist position on the handles without changing the length of the poles when switching from uphill to downhill and vice versa.

You can hold the poles by the grip pommels for descent and move your hands down to the foam lower grip on the decline.

But because there’s no anti-shock system, there may be more vibrations upon impact, as previously mentioned.


The Montem Ultra Strong walking poles are relatively pricier than others, but with its highly satisfactory performance, you will still get great value for your money.

How Does It Compare To Other Products?​

1. FitLife Nordic walking poles

The FitLife Nordic walking poles are also made for heavy-duty trekking and hiking but, unlike the Montem Ultra Strong walking poles, these have anti-shock mechanism.

If you want fewer vibrations transferred from the ground to your arms, then the former is a better choice.

Both are made of aluminum alloy and with a telescoping design.

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2. BAFX Products walking poles

The BAFX Products walking poles also have anti-shock springs for a more comfortable walking experience, while its ribbed grips and padded wrist straps make for more comfortable handling.

Both the Montem Ultra Strong and BAFX walking poles are great for hiking on softer ground, too, because of their mud baskets.

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3. American Nordic Walking System poles

The American Nordic Walking System poles are versatile in the sense that these can be used for outdoor recreational activities and indoor rehabilitation purposes, as is the case for the Montem Ultra Strong walking poles.

But the former has a one-piece construction while the latter has a three-part section so their usability will differ.

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4. Trek Pro hiking poles

The Trek Pro hiking poles also have an anti-shock mechanism that reduces the vibration.

These are then more suitable for trekking on more rocky and gravelly ground than the Montem Ultra Strong walking poles.

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