Millennial Medical Crutches In Motion Pro Review

Ease Of Use

Build Quality

Look & Feel



Overall Rating


  • Comfortable to use
  • Attractive design
  • High-grade materials used
  • Can carry up to 400 lbs.
  • Portable, thanks to its folding capability


  • Sizing can be tricky
  • Quite heavy

For some people, finding the right mobility aid can be a big challenge. Some are either too complicated, while others are too uncomfortable. .

They might be able to help you move around independently, but if they take a lot of time to work with or they cause you pain, it might not be worth it at all.

Axillary crutches may seem like the most basic options available, but traditional ones are notoriously uncomfortable.

Those who need to use them for a long time or even permanently often have issues with them hurting their underarms or hands.

This is the very reason why others opt to take the challenge and learn how to master using forearm crutches.

Forearm crutches, however, are quite difficult to work with. Not everyone will have the dexterity and balance to use their forearms to move around.

This is why a lot of people stick with underarm crutches despite their discomfort. Because of this, a lot of manufacturers are now crafting specially designed ones to offer a more comfortable alternative to users.

The Millennial Medical Crutches In Motion Pro are a good example of these forearm crutches that are trying to break the mold and offer more to users.

It aims to provide more comfort to folks who need a reliable and easy-to-use axillary crutches, so they’ve crafted a product that does just that.

Rated 4 out of 5 stars, this Millennial Medical Crutches review will tell you more about the product and why you should consider getting them.

Key Features

No review will be complete without detailing what the product has to offer.

So, for this review, these are the key character of the Millennial Medical Crutches In-Motion Pro.

Spring Assist Technology​

The very thing that sets the In-Motion Pro apart from its competitors is the fact that it has shock absorbers to make using these crutches more comfortable than your traditional ones.

Their spring assist technology minimizes the impact of the crutches to the ground, therefore transferring less force to your upper body.

It is designed to reduce strain, discomfort, and fatigue among users.

Articulating Crutch Tips​

Stability is essential for crutches as it guarantees that you’ll stay upright and keep you from falling to the ground.

With the In-Motion Pro’s articulating tips, it makes sure that you’re safe and upright at all times.

They even have spiked varieties that are designed for trudging on snow and other terrains, so if you want to equip your crutches with such features further, you can do so with great ease.


Most people are fussed about the size of forearm crutches. Their length makes them hard to transport and travel with.

This is why the In-Motion Pro can be folded in half so you can easily stash it away when traveling.

Ergonomic Handles​

Your hands and wrists can take a good beating when using axillary crutches.

This can lead to serious consequences and even further limit your ability to move independently if not addressed right away, so In-Motion Pro is designed with ergonomic handles to prevent muscle strain on your hands and wrists.

It’s comfortably shaped to follow the contours of your hands and slanted downwards to prevent the “kinking” of your wrists. They’re also adjustable so that you can use them comfortably.

Reinforced Aircraft Grade Aluminum​

Regarding materials, the In- Motion Pro goes all out by using reinforced aircraft grade aluminum.

This guarantees durability and strength. It can carry up to 400 lbs, catering to more users than other crutches in the market today.

Upgraded Armrests​

Traditional underarm crutches do not have padded armrests which can cause discomfort.

If you opt for the In-Motion Pro, though, you’ll get to enjoy padded and contoured armrests that are designed to provide comfort to users.

Assembly Video​

Millennial Medical Crutches In Motion Pro Review

Great features are wouldn’t be enough to convince most people that a product is worth getting.

So, to further help you make a decision about the Millennial Medical Crutches In Motion Pro, here’s a more detailed review of how it performs.

Ease Of Use​

Thanks to its design, you don’t have to worry about how easy to use the Millennial Medical Crutches In Motion Pro are because they’re simple to use.

While you will need a good amount of upper body strength to use it, they won’t require a lot of practice to utilize fully.

However, it also needs a bit of getting used to if you’re switching to this product from a traditional one.

The spring-loaded design may feel a bit different, so you might not automatically get the hang of it.

Just note that these crutches have dedicated left and right sides. You can’t switch them around as that will cause discomfort and inconvenience.

This is probably the only hassle this product has since you’ll have to pay attention to which goes where before you can get up and start moving.

Build Quality​

Made of aircraft-grade aluminum, this product aims to guarantee your safety.

Being such a high-caliber material, you can be confident that it is durable and won’t buckle under a lot of weight. With a limit of 400 lbs, it can be a good option for most people.

Look & Feel​

Another excellent selling point of the In-Motion Pro is its looks. It has a very modern appearance, thanks to its minimal design.

It’s a significant departure from the clunkiness of the traditional forearm crutches, as it has a spotless and streamlined look.

While the unit feels luxurious and of excellent quality, it is a bit heavier than what people would like.

This product will make you carry an additional of 3 lbs on each arm on top of your body weight so it might be a bit more tiring than your traditional units.

However, with all of the comforts its features bring, the extra heft can be easily compensated.

What you should also note about the In-Motion Pro is that it might not feel exactly like traditional crutches.

Because it has shock absorbers, it might have a bit more give or bounce.

This might require some getting used to, but it won’t complicate the utilization of the product, so you shouldn’t worry too much about it.


A quick search online will tell you that this product gets the job done. While most axillary crutches are only recommended for short-term disabilities, this product is designed to be a long-term alternative for many.

With its durable materials, good design, and replaceable parts, it’s quickly built to last.


With all of its additional features, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that this product is a bit pricier than other basic underarm crutches.

If you have the budget, though, this can be a good pick for a better-than-basic product.

How Does It Compare To Other Products?​

When pitted against other products, how will the Millennial Medical Crutches In-Motion Pro fare? We’ve compared them side by side with four of its most popular competitors below.

Medline Aluminum Forearm Crutches

While both are reliable mobility aids, the In-Motion Pro and the Medline Aluminum Forearm Crutches are at the far ends of the spectrum because of their features.

The latter is an elbow crutch that requires a bit of training before you can get its full use. The In-Motion Pro is a bit easier to work with, especially if you don’t think your forearms will be able to handle all of your body’s weight.

Both promises proper posture, though, so it’s all up to you whether you’re willing to use elbow crutches or not.

Drive Medical Euro Style Light Weight Forearm Crutch

Like the Medline Aluminum Forearm Crutches, the Drive Medical Euro Style Light Weight Forearm Crutch are elbow crutches that are best suited for folks who need to use a mobility aid for a long time.

They’re very light, allowing easy use. The In-Motion Pro, however, can be a bit heavier. If you want to use something more substantial, this can be a better pick.

Ergobaum Prime

Many would consider the Ergobaum Prime as the upgraded elbow crutch version of the In-Motion Pro as both offers a wide array of extra features.

However, this product still requires you to have a good balance, so it might not suit the needs of a lot of people.

The In-Motion Pro is a lot easier to wield, on the other hand, making it a good pick for those who don’t want to struggle with their movements.

Life Crutch by Millennial Medical

If you like the In-Motion Pro but not too willing to spend as much for a mobility aid, the Life Crutch can be a good alternative.

It might not have the bells and whistles the In-Motion Pro has, but it has the same basic concepts.

Both share similar shapes, ergonomic handles, adjustable length, and padded armrests, so if you’re just after the comfort and functionality, this can be a right choice for you.

The In-Motion Pro is more suitable for those who are willing to spend more money for some extra tweaks, while the Life Crutch is more of a budget option.