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Build Quality

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In this Life Crutch review, we’re looking at this particular axillary crutch to help you determine whether you should get one or opt for an entirely different mobility aid altogether.


  • Very easy to use
  • Padded armrests minimizes chafing and pressure
  • Ergonomic handles make it more comfortable to use
  • Ensures proper posture
  • Safe and stable design
  • Not too clunky
  • Friendly price


  • Padded handles need replacing every once in a while

Crutches have been around for ages as they’re very convenient and practical mobility aids. Underarm also called axillary; crutches are some of the most popular options as they’re easy to use.

They provide additional stability, thanks to their height and you can quickly learn to maneuver them despite your injury.

However, they have a few caveats. For one, using them can get uncomfortable. As they go under your arms to carry your body’s weight, your armpits get a lot of pressure as you move around.

It can cause chafing and even nerve damage. Two, you can’t use your arms and hands while moving around if you’re using crutches. This minimizes your mobility, making moving around more complicated.

Despite all of these, though, axillary crutches can still be the best option for a lot of people.

 Products like the Life Crutch are crafted to address some of the issues underarm crutches have and make them more suitable for lots of users. We’re giving it 4 out of 5 stars.

Key Features

Getting to know the Life Crutch means looking closely at its components and unique features, so make sure to check them out below.

Articulating Tips​

One of the dangers of using axillary crutches is in their tips. They’re often too small to guarantee stability and the wrong positioning can get a user tumbling to the ground.

The Life Crutch has resolved this issue by using articulating tips which are always designed to have 75% to 100% of it touching the ground. This guarantees that you won’t slip and fall because the tips aren’t correctly positioned in the field.

19 Height Adjustments​

It’s impossible to use underarm crutches that are not adjusted to your height. Doing so will make moving around challenging and painful.

This is why the Life Crutch has 19 adjustment levels so you can easily tailor fit it to yourself.

Ergonomic Handles​

Using crutches can be brutal to your hands and wrists as they work hard in keeping you balanced while you move.

Aside from carrying your weight, your hands and wrists can also be strained by the upright position of most underarm crutches as they are not designed to follow the natural shape of your arms.

With the Life Crutch, however, the handles are ergonomic. They’re slightly slanted downwards so you can easily grab them without putting your wrist in a weird position.

They’re also padded and adjustable to further add comfort.

Unique Shape​

The Life Crutch is also designed to follow the body’s form and not to strain it.

It aims to maintain proper posture in users, granted, of course, that you’ve adjusted it to the right length you need.

Ergonomic Padded Armrests​

Unlike regular axillary crutches, the Life Crutch recognizes the discomfort users tend to experience with this kind of mobility aid.

This is why you can get curved and padded armrests in this unit to ensure that you’re comfortable and minimize the pressure on your underarms.

Life Crutch In Action

Life Crutch Review

Now that you know what to expect from Millennial Medical’s Life Crutch, you might be interested in learning how it fares when used.

 Here’s a detailed Life Crutch review that details its performance in different areas.

Ease Of Use​

Like other axillary crutches, the Life Crutch is easy to use. There’s no learning curve to use this product.

 While you still need to get used to balancing on them to start moving about, it’s not as complicated as using forearm crutches that will test your balance.

If you can stand up on a pair of underarm crutches, chances are, you can easily walk around in them.

The Life Crutch is even easier to handle since it is designed to reduce the strain your body gets when using such mobility aids.

The slanted handgrips make things comfortable and easier as your wrists are not forced into an unnatural angle anymore.

As the Life Crutch is also pretty straightforward without any knobs or dials to fuss with, using it doesn’t complicate in any way.

The only challenge is in how strong your upper body is as it will have to carry all of your weight (especially if both of your legs have sustained damage or injury).

Build Quality​

Made of high-grade aluminum, the Life Crutch is nicely constructed. It can carry up to 300 lbs of weight making it ideal for most users.

It’s even used as the official mobility aid of the NCAA, so you’re pretty much guaranteed that it can carry you with ease.

Look & Feel​

Another good thing about the Life Crutch is that it looks and feels nice. The design of this product stands out for a lot of users as they don’t look like your hospital-issued axillary crutches.

They have a nice minimal style, and they’re not too clunky. This allows you not to look like you’re struggling with your every move, allowing you to recover in peace and dignity.

The design also allows it to improve posture and provide comfort to users. Shaped like a hook with an extended tail, the Life Crutch aims to be sturdy and provide good support.

The armrests sit on a concave, making it more comfortable for your underarms. The hook-shaped adds stability as well.

Thanks to its padded armrests and handles, the Life Crutch is also quite comfortable.

There are a few complaints about the handles’ cushioning falling apart easily, so you might want to look for replacement grips if you decide to get this product.


With an ease of use in the bag, the Life Crutch can be a very reliable mobility aid.

It can be the perfect product to get for short-term disabilities as it won’t require you to take a while to master how it’s used.

It’s also quite sturdy, so you can be sure that it will be useful when you need it.


The Life Crutch might be a bit pricier than other axillary crutches, but it’s well within good reason.

 With its distinctive design and quality materials, it’s relatively hefty price tag is easily justified.

How Does It Compare To Other Products?​

Still not convinced that the Life Crutch is the right pick for you? See how it fares when compared with other products in the category.

Millennial Medical In-Pro Motion

The Millennial Medical In-Pro Motion is an axillary crutch that’s loaded with handy features.

It folds in half for easy storage and has shock absorbers aside from ergonomic handles and padded armrests, so it’s a step up from the Life Crutch. 

However, it’s also double the price. So, if you have the budget for a more expensive mobility aid, this could be a right choice.

If you’re just looking for a quick, easy, and affordable option, the Life Crutch can already get the job done for you.

Medline Aluminum Forearm Crutches

Axillary and forearm crutches often go head to head when it comes to which mobility aid is best. Both have their strengths and weaknesses, though.

In this case, the Medline Aluminum Forearm Crutches can be more suitable to those with long-term disabilities as they’re more comfortable for prolonged use.

 They also have a learning curve to use properly, so if you only need to use it for a week or two, you might not have ample time to get used to it.

The Life Crutch can be better suited to those who just needs a few weeks to recover, though, as it is easier to use.

Axillary crutches are pretty straightforward and only require a bit of getting used to. They can be uncomfortable, though. This is why it’s totally up to you which to choose between the two.

Drive Medical Euro Style Light Weight Forearm Crutch

If you prefer using more of a cane-like crutch instead of a full blown axillary or forearm crutch, the Drive Medical Euro Style Light Weight Forearm Crutch is an option worth looking into.

It requires a bit of getting used to, though, so it might not be ideal for short-term users. The Life Crutch can be a good alternative for those who only needs to use a pair of crutches for a short while, though.

Ergobaum Prime

Loaded with features, the Ergobaum Prime can go head to head against the In-Motion Pro and leave you conflicted with what to get.

However, with all of its bells and whistles, it might be an expensive choice for those who only needs crutches for a few weeks.

The Life Crutch is more straightforward and affordable, on the other hand, so that they can be ideal for short-term use.