KneeRover Pro All Terrain Knee Walker Aluminum Scooter Review

Ease Of Use

Build Quality

Look & Feel



Overall Rating

Not too sure if the KneeRover Pro All Terrain Knee Walker Aluminum Scooter is a good choice for you?

Here are its pros and cons to help you have a sneak peek into what this product can offer.


  • 350-lb weight capacity
  • Very comfortable ride
  • Can roll on any surface with ease
  • Stable
  • Easy maneuverability
  • Complete chores and tasks while standing up with its parking brake
  • Won’t let you sacrifice your active lifestyle


  • Wide turning radius
  • Quite bulky
  • Challenging assembly instructions
  • No storage basket

A broken foot, ankle, or lower leg is often experienced by folks who love to spend their days outdoors, doing a rigorous physical activity or contact sport.

This is why having their mobility limited can be a huge challenge for them as it can massively impact their lifestyle. So for these folks, finding the right mobility aid is imperative.

Crutches are good options as they allow upright mobility on any surface. Most physically fit people also won’t have any issues using their upper body strength in carrying their body weight as well, so they shouldn’t have major issues in using axillary or forearm crutches.

However, those who need to stand at a single spot for long periods may not be able to do such with crutches so a knee scooter can be a better option.

A regular knee walker won’t cut it if you need something that will keep up with your active lifestyle, though. You’ll need an all-terrain unit to help you navigate rough surfaces with ease.

It’s also important to find something with shock absorbers your injured leg won’t have to deal with impact as you move from one point to another.

The KneeRover Pro All Terrain Knee Walker Aluminum Scooter is a good option for such a need.

It’s a solidly built mobility aid with shock absorbers, ensuring your comfort and safety in one package.

Key Features

Get to know what makes the KneeRover Pro a great mobility aid with its feature set as listed below:

Shock Technology​

Rolling on uneven surfaces can make a very rough ride, which is not ideal for an injured leg.

So, to help you stick to your routine without worsening your injury, the KneeRover Pro has been equipped with shock absorbers to cushion your injured leg further and help you heal better without sacrificing your active lifestyle.

12” Off-road Pneumatic Tires​

To allow you to roll around on any surface, the KneeRover Pro uses three 12” off-road pneumatic tires.

These are some of the largest wheels you’ll find in a knee scooter, offering you a comfortable ride and the ability to move through different kinds of terrains with ease.

Tie-rod Steering Mechanism​

If you’re worried about the bulk of this product, fret not. With an automotive-style tie-rod steering mechanism, it is very easy to maneuver and move around.

Metallic Silver Finish​

Setting this product apart from KneeRover’s kiddie bike-themed product range is its metallic silver finish.

While the silhouette is the signature KneeRover look, the Pro looks like the bigger and tougher big brother of the other products in their lineup.

Adjustable Heights​

Suitable for users that range from 5' to 6'5" in height, this unit can also be properly configured according to your measurements.

This makes it a lot easier to use, guaranteeing that your comfort is the top priority.

Heavy Duty Aluminum Double Bar Construction​

Being an all-terrain knee scooter, this product should be ready not just for the bulk of the users but also for the impact that it will receive when in use.

With a 350-lbs weight capacity, it can already cater to a wide array of users without you having to worry about the unit buckling under your weight.

Video​ Assembly

If you’ve been impressed by the great features the product has to offer, then you might be interested in how it performs as well.

For this, here’s a quick KneeRover Pro All Terrain Knee Walker Aluminum Scooter review.

Ease Of Use​

Equipped with straightforward controls, this unit isn’t hard to use. Setting it up is very simple and propelling yourself forward with this knee scooter is perfectly easy.

 This makes it a great crutch alternative as it doesn’t have a learning curve for you to start moving around with its help.

Build Quality​

With a heavy-duty steel construction, you can be sure that this product is made of quality. With a 350-lb weight capacity, it can be suitable for a lot of users.

It’s also intended for rough terrains, so you can be sure that it doesn’t have a flimsy frame or easily damaged parts.

Look & Feel​

While this product is quite bulky, it doesn’t mean that it’s difficult to maneuver. It drives well, is very sturdy, and is comfortable to use, making it a good,

However, it does have a relatively large turning radius, which can be a drawback for those who wish to use this knee scooter for both indoors and outdoors.


With its sturdy construction and design, reliability is something you can count on with the KneeRover Pro.

As it can help you move around in any terrain, it might just be the best mobility aid for those who won’t get stuck indoors just because they’re injured.


Due to its use of heavy-duty materials, it shouldn’t be surprising to find that the KneeRover Pro is a bit more expensive than the other items in the brand’s product range.

However, this is easily justified with the tougher features of the product, making it more durable and ready for action.

How Does It Compare To Other Products?​

Still not sure if the KneeRover Pro is the right product for you? Here are a few KneeRover Pro All Terrain Knee Walker Aluminum Scooter reviews in comparison with other similar products in the market right now.

1. KneeRover Steerable Knee Scooter Crutches Alternative

Also known as the KneeRover Jr., this product can be considered as the mini version of the KneeRover Pro.

Both can handle running on different kinds of terrains, but because the Jr. is made for those with smaller body frames, they’re not suited for everyone. 

They also have a smaller height range (from 4’ to 5’9”), so if you’re on the heavier side, this might prove to be too small for you.

The KneeRover Pro, on the other hand, has a wider height range and can handle heavier weights. This makes it more suitable for adults who will want to keep moving around outside despite a foot injury.

2. Drive Medical DV8 Aluminum Steerable Knee Walker Crutch Alternative

A popular knee scooter option, the Drive Medical DV8 is a sophisticated choice for the minimalist.

Its design is well thought out; especially it’s channeled knee platforms that are not just comfortable, but are also designed to secure your leg into place while in movement.

Comparing this product with the KneeRover Pro is a no-brainer as the DV8 is more suitable for indoor use with its sleeker profile and non-marking rubber tires while the Pro is an all-terrain knee walker that is perfect for outdoor use.

Choosing between the two all depends on the activities you intend to engage in.

3. All Terrain KneeRover Steerable Knee Scooter Knee Walker Heavy Duty Crutches Alternative in Blue

The All Terrain KneeRover is probably the only product that will go neck to neck with the KneeRover Pro as they share a lot of similar features.

Both have 12” all-terrain, pneumatic tires, 5’ to 6’5” height range, and heavy duty steel construction.

However, this one has a higher weight limit at 400 lbs, which can be a great plus if you’re on the heavier side. 

It doesn’t have the KneeRover Pro’s shock absorbers, so the ride will surely feel different between the two.

If you’re not particular about the smoothness of your ride, this product can already be a good choice for you.

As it is also more affordable than the KneeRover Pro, this can be a compromise a lot of people will be okay with.

Besides, the large wheels can already provide proper cushioning, so you might not feel the bumpy ride anymore.

However, if you often roll along a rough terrain and shock absorbers appeal to you greatly, then you might find the KneeRover Pro to be a more suitable option for your needs.

4. KneeRover Deluxe Steerable Knee Walker Knee Scooter Knee Cycle

If you’re not after a feature-packed knee walker, the Knee Cycle may already be a great pick for you.

This product also has the tie-rod steering mechanism that makes it highly maneuverable, making it easy to handle.

However, as it is equipped with non-marking rubber tires, it might not be as versatile as the KneeRover Pro. 

While it is capable of running around on smooth surfaces, it may not have ample grip on rougher terrains.

Suitable for those who need a mobility aid for moving around indoors, the Knee Cycle is a reliable device.

However, if you need something tougher and more capable of handling rougher terrains, the KneeRover Pro can still be the perfect option.