Invacare Forearm Crutches Review

Ease Of Use

Build Quality

Look & Feel



Overall Rating


  • It’s a highly recommended product by experts.
  • It has a 300-lb weight capacity.
  • It’s a no-frills forearm crutch.
  • It’s very affordable.
  • It’s sturdy and reliable.
  • It’s fully adjustable.
  • The crutch tips are designed to have better grip and stability.
  • Without a lot of bells and whistles, this product is a lot easier to get used to and master.


  • It’s not the prettiest option for elbow crutches.
  • Its handgrips can be improved for comfort.
  • Its vinyl cuffs are not adjustable which can be a bit uncomfortable for users.
  • It has a learning curve just like any other forearm crutch in the market.

If you need a medical product, the first thing to turn to is your health practitioner, right?

They have the knowledge and experience in determining whether a tool or accessory will get the job done correctly and according to your needs.

They can be the best resource persons for the best products related to their field.

This is the very reason why the Invacare Forearm Crutches are quite popular as of late.

They’re often recommended by rehabilitation professionals and physical therapists, so most people tend to prefer them over other crutches in the market.

While this promises great performance for some people, it might not exactly be the case for everyone. So, if you’re thinking of getting one, make sure to read this Invacare Forearm Crutches review.

This product may have received four stars out of 5 from us, but it’s entirely up to you whether you think that this is the right pair of crutches for your needs.

Key Features

After the quick overview of its strengths and weaknesses, you might be interested in what makes the Invacare Forearm Crutches great. Here are its key features that will tell you more about what it can do:

Adjustable Height​

The trick in making forearm crutches easier to use is of its length. If you can adjust it to a comfortable height for you, then you won’t have a hard time using it.

 The Invacare Forearm Crutch has an adjustable length. All you have to do is press on the spring-loaded pins and pull or push to reach the right hole to adjust its length.

The cuffs’ height are adjustable as well. They use the same design as the body, so it’s easy to customize the distance between the cuff and hand grip.

This will help you be more comfortable in transferring your weight and controlling the crutches.

1” Solid Composite Cuffs

The cuffs make the forearm crutches what they are. They’re integral parts of these products, so it’s worth noting that the Invacare Forearm Crutches have a traditional cuff design.

They’re curved and shaped to accommodate the forearms comfortably. At 1” thick, they can also easily carry your weight comfortably without the edges cutting into the skin.

Made with vinyl, these cuffs may not be the most comfortable cuffs for elbow crutches, but they get the job done easily.

They won’t break easily, but they also won’t contour to your arm’s shape. They also won’t be completely secured to your arm as there’s a small opening where most people slip their wrists through to get their arms in place.

The gaps small, though, so the crutches won’t easily fall off from your arms.

Cushioned Vinyl Hand Grips

A real crutch needs good handgrips that are both sturdy and comfortable. As this is the very part the user will get in contact with, it shouldn’t be straining, slippery, and hard to hold.

These issues are addressed by the Invacare Forearm Crutches as its handgrips are cushioned and made of vinyl.

While there are still a few concerns about the comfort level of these handgrips, it should be noted that there will be a lot of strain when it comes to using forearm crutches.

 Sometimes the discomfort is caused not by the crutches but by how you use it.

Forearm crutches are known to have a learning curve, so if you haven’t fully mastered how to use it yet, it can be the very reason for the handgrip being uncomfortable.

Extra-large Crutch Tips

While the crutch tips in the Invacare Forearm Crutches are very basic rubber caps, they are made to be thick to absorb force better and to provide better grip. This promises better stability and further safety for users.

Invacare Forearm Crutches Review

The Invacare Forearm Crutches have quite some promising features, but how does it perform in reality?

This detailed Invacare Forearm Crutches review breaks it further down to give you a good picture of how the product fares while in action.

Ease Of Use​

As mentioned earlier, elbow crutches have a learning curve. Once you’ve overcome it, using this product becomes second nature.

It can be more comfortable to handle and utilize than underarm crutches, which is why it is an attractive option for long-term users.

The Invacare Forearm Crutches is not too different from others in its category. However, it can be a bit easier to use thanks to its design.

Build Quality​

Made with heavy-duty metal, the Invacare Forearm Crutches are pretty solid.

They can carry up to 300 lbs, making it suitable for a lot of users. It’s also designed to be stable, ensuring proper balance and even good posture for users.

Look & Feel​

Appearance-wise, the Invacare Forearm Crutches can look like a hospital-issue product. It doesn’t hurt the product since it is often issued to patients by their physicians.

However, if you’re not too keen on using a mobility aid that looks like it’s straight out of a medical catalog, this can be an issue.

As for the feel, it all depends on how used to using elbow crutches you already are. If you’re familiar with moving around with such mobility aids, you won’t feel awkward with this product.

Using it correctly also won’t cause discomfort, so you have to make sure that it is adjusted according to your height.


When it comes to reliability, the Invacare Forearm Crutches could be a runaway winner.

This no-frills product gets the job done without encumbering the user with additional features or unusual designs.

It’s a straightforward mobility aid, so there’s not so much to prevent you from using it the way it’s supposed to be used.


While this product isn’t exactly the cheapest in the market today, it has a reasonable price for a good quality product.

It won’t break the bank and guarantees that what you’ve got is made of high-grade materials.

How Does It Compare To Other Products?​

Comparing the Invacare Forearm Crutches to other products is a nice way to weigh your options better. So, how does this product fare with its competitors?

Millennial Medical Life Crutch

As the Life Crutch is an underarm crutch, it’s better suited for those with short-term disabilities. It’s pretty easy to learn how to use these products, making them ideal for those who don’t have to use them for a long time.

The Invacare Forearm Crutches, on the other hand, are often recommended for long-term users as they’re more comfortable than axillary crutches.

Millennial Medical In-Motion Pro

Just like the Life Crutch, the In-Motion Pro is also an underarm crutch product that’s more suitable for short-term recovery. Thanks to its advanced design, though, the In-Motion Pro is noted for its comfort, making it a possible option for long-term users.

It’s padded armrests, and spring-loaded tips can reduce the user’s fatigue, making it an excellent option for those who prefer axillary crutches.

However, the Invacare Forearm Crutches is cheaper and can prevent underarm strain and problems, which is why it can still be a better option for long-term disabilities.

Medline Aluminum Forearm Crutches

The closest competition of the Invacare Forearm Crutches is the Medline Aluminum Forearm Crutches.

They look alike and have the same features, except for the fact that the latter is a bit cheaper than our featured product.

It’s a toss up between these two as the Medline elbow crutches perform great as well.

If you want a product that’s often recommended by experts, though, the Invacare Forearm Crutches should be a good pick.

Ergobaum Prime

For a better-than-basic elbow crutches, the Ergobaum Prime can be a good pick for you.

It has a lot of additional features that can come in handy for elderly and disabled users.

However, as it is more than twice the price of the Invacare Forearm Crutches, some might not be willing to spring for this product with all of its extras.

The Invacare Forearm Crutches may be basic, but they can do the same thing: provide ample support to help you move around.

So, if you have the budget, the Ergobaum Prime might be an excellent option, but if you’re tight on cash, the Invacare Forearm Crutches can still be a good pick.