Ergobaum Ergonomic Forearm Crutches Review

Ease Of Use

Build Quality

Look & Feel



Overall Rating


  • Packed with advanced features.
  • Equipped with shock absorbers that help make moving about more comfortable.
  • Can be easily secured to the user.
  • Fully adjustable height to better suit a user’s comfort.
  • Suitable for users with different heights and builds.
  • 350 lbs weight capacity.


  • Pricier than basic models.
  • They’re quite heavy at over 2 lbs each.

Everyone has been saying that the future is already here. It’s not too surprising, especially with all the advancements in technology our society has been making in the past few decades.

This is why it’s easy to expect to find mobility aids that can do more than just help you move around nowadays.

One good example of these technologically-advanced products is the Ergobaum Ergonomic Forearm Crutches by Ergoactives.

Also known as the Ergobaum Prime, this mobility aid is designed to lend extra support to users.

For its usability, design, and performance, we’re giving this product 4 out of 5 stars. Discover why by reading our detailed review below.

Key Features

As for what the Ergobaum Ergonomic Forearm Crutches can do, here are the details of its key features:

Shock Absorbers​

No matter how slow you might be moving with your mobility aid, the impact of the crutch making contact to the ground can still cause strain and pressure on whatever body part is in contact with the crutches.

This can cause fatigue and even abrasions, especially for underarm crutch users. To solve these and make crutch use a lot easier and more comfortable, shock absorbers were added to the Ergobaum Prime.

These are located just above the tips of the crutches so it can automatically absorb the impact force, making movement a lot easier and less tiring for users.

Forearm Strap & Cup​

Instead of the cuffs traditional forearm crutches have, the Ergobaum Prime has a forearm strap and cup to secure the crutches to the user’s body.

Its design makes it more comfortable to use, allowing the user to transfer their weight onto the crutches without any worries of collapsing or losing their balance.

Adjustable Cushion Grip​

Most forearm crutches now have adjustable grips to ensure the user's comfort adequately. The Ergobaum Prime upped their game with this feature as theirs aren’t only flexible but cushioned as well.

 This makes it even more comfortable to use, especially for the extended use of the forearm crutches.

Ergo Cap​

Crutch tips may seem like the most mundane parts of these mobility aids, but in reality, they’re some of the most important features you have to pay attention to.

They can make or break the safety of your crutches. You’ll want them to be well designed and with ample grip and traction.

With the special Ergo Caps, all of these issues are addressed. These crutch tips are designed to be suitable for all kinds of terrains.

 They promise stability and high level of grip, making them a safer option for most users.

Built-in Knee Rest​

Knee rests aren’t necessarily groundbreaking for crutches, but Ergobaum Prime has folding ones that won’t get in your way while walking but will be quickly set up once needed.

They’re cushioned and adjustable, catering to the user’s specific needs and comfort.

Safety Features​

Another reason why the Ergobaum Prime is a better-than-basic product is the fact that it has a few safety features that most users can find useful.

It has a LED flashlight that can serve as a night light or beacon in times of emergency. There’s also a panic button that activates a built-in horn. Equipped with reflectors, the cane can also be a visibility tool.

These may not seem like a lot, but they can be very useful in times of need. The horn and night light are accessed by buttons found on the handle grip, so there’s no need to fuss in case of emergency.​

The Ergobaum Forearm Crutches In Action

Ergobaum Ergonomic Forearm Crutches Review

The key features of the Ergobaum Prime offer great potential and possibilities. However, it might not instantly translate to a quality product is the execution falls short.

 So to help you determine if this product will suit your needs, here’s a detailed Ergobaum Ergonomic Forearm Crutches review regarding performance.

Ease Of Use​

As the Ergobaum Prime doesn’t look like your traditional forearm crutches, they may seem a lot more complicated than hospital issue mobility aids.

However, because it still has the core design of the time-tested elbow crutch, it still has the same usability as others in this category. If you’ve already used such crutches before, you won’t have a hard time getting the hang of the Ergobaum Prime.

If you haven’t tried using an elbow crutch before, you’ll have to overcome a learning curve for the Ergobaum Prime, just like any other elbow crutch in the market today.

Once you’re used to it, though, there won’t be a lot of issues later on. Your balance might be challenged, but it can be more comfortable than using other traditional forearm crutches.

Build Quality​

The Ergobaum Prime takes pride in its excellent build quality. Since forearm crutches are ideal for long-term use, it’s required for products like this to be made with high-quality materials.

The Ergobaum Prime doesn’t note what exact kind of metal it used, but it is proven to be sturdy and of good quality. You can use this product for a long time.

Look & Feel​

When it comes to appearance, the Ergobaum Prime may be more appealing than others. This product does not sound like the traditional crutches, which is its primary charm.

It looks like a futuristic equipment that still looks like a useful mobility aid. Right from the moment you set eyes on it, you’ll know that it’s not your ordinary elbow crutches.

Another plus for the Ergobaum Prime is its excellent feel. Unlike your basic elbow crutches made with vinyl handles, this unit is easier on the hands, making it more comfortable for use.

The knee rest is a great addition, as well, as it can help you get comfortable with a mobility aid.

The shock absorbers are noteworthy when it comes to the feel of this product as well. With such a design, you get to minimize the impact of the force used when transferring one’s weight to the upper body.

The shock absorbers help reduce fatigue among users, making it more ideal for those who still need to improve their upper body strength.


Some people worry about the additional features that come with the Ergobaum Prime, thinking it can be encumbering for the users.

In this case, while there are other features, they won’t overwhelm the user or hinder them from using it just as it is. 

While the other features require batteries, it won’t stop you from using the crutches even after the batteries have run out. They’re just handy extras that you might want to get if your patient tends to need extra care.


The Ergobaum Prime is pricier than other essential forearm crutches in the market. The pricing is easily justified by the additional features, though.

If you don’t mind spending more to get a better-than-basic unit, this might just be the perfect mobility aid for you.

How Does It Compare To Other Products?​

To further assess the Ergobaum Ergonomic Forearm Crutches, it’s best to look at it side by side with other products.

Here are four of the most popular competitors of the Ergobaum Prime and how the featured product fares in comparison with them:

Invacare Forearm Crutches

These elbow crutches are some of the most basic units you can find in the market today. They’re ideal for those who just want a pair of mobility aids and don’t want to be bothered with extras.

The Ergobaum Prime is the exact opposite as it is packed with additional features that make the product more useful.

Millennial Medical Life Crutch

Aside from the fact that these underarm crutches are more suitable for short-term disabilities, they’re also more uncomfortable to use than the Ergobaum Prime.

Our featured product is designed for long-term use and to lessen the fatigue users of mobility aids tend to experience.

Millennial Medical In-Motion Pro

Like the Life Crutch, the In-Motion Pro is an underarm crutch that’s designed for short-term use. However, they’re a lot like the Ergobaum Prime as they have lots of useful features as well.

It can be a good alternative to those who want the functionality of the Ergobaum Prime but prefer using underarm crutches instead. If you want to be more comfortable when moving around, though, the Ergobaum Prime might still be the better choice.

Medline Aluminum Forearm Crutches

This is another important forearm crutches option for those who just need a mobility aid to help them move around quickly.

They’re the most affordable choices in this list, though, so they can be great options for those on a budget.

The Ergobaum Ergonomic Forearm Crutches have more features, though, making it a possibly better option for those who want to get more use out of their mobility aids.