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One of the most popular forearm crutches in the market today is the Drive Medical Euro Style Forearm Crutch.

Made by Drive Medical, it is favored by many for its great design, comfort, and reliability.


  • They’re lightweight.
  • They’re very sturdy, so you don’t have to worry about the crutches giving out under your weight.
  • They’re very affordable.
  • Available in two colors: blue and silver. Both look attractive.
  • The plastic cuff will comfortably fit most people’s forearms.
  • The height is adjustable.
  • High weight capacity, making it suitable for more users.
  • Replacement parts are easy to find.


  • Like other elbow crutches, you’ll need to get the hang of using the Drive Medical Euro Style Forearm Crutch.
  • Balancing using your forearms for the first time can be quite tricky.
  • The hand grips can be quite uncomfortable.

The Drive Medical Euro Style Forearm Crutch is a lot like other elbow crutches in the market today. However, it stands out for its design.

Some people do not consider this unit as an actual elbow crutch as it doesn’t have the traditional cuff to secure the unit below the elbow.

However, because it still has sizeable forearm rests that help support the body’s weight, it’s still considered as an elbow crutch by many experts.

In this Drive Medical Euro Style Forearm Crutch review, we’re going to look thoroughly into what this product can offer.

Overall, we’re giving it four out of five stars. Discover why below.

Key Features

Now that you have a few ideas about what this product is like and what it can offer you, you might be interested in its features.

 We’re detailing these below to help you decide if this product will suit your needs and preferences.

Aluminum Construction​

The Drive Medical Euro Style Forearm Crutch uses high-grade aluminum to create a sturdy and high-quality body. This ensures that this product can easily carry your weight.

The material also allows the crutches to be lightweight. In fact, each crutch only weighs less than 2 lbs which make them easy to wield and move around with.

 Without a lot of extra weight, you can move more quickly. It will also help prevent additional fatigue from handling the crutches, letting you focus your energy on doing what you want to do.

Plastic Molded Cuffs​

Forearm crutches are designed with cuffs to secure the support products into the user’s body. However, this product doesn’t necessarily have the traditional cuffs.

What they have instead are arm rests that will hug your forearm so you can easily transfer your weight on them while in motion.

Made with molded plastic, the cuffs may not exactly be as comfortable as you’d want it to be, but the material works out for its purpose. It’s easy to clean, for one. If it’s hot out, it’s not as slippery as metal would be.

 It also won’t be cold to touch during the winter months. Some might even like the fact that it can cling slightly to your skin, securing the whole crutch to the user.

Each cuff is also designed with a pair of holes. These can be used for a variety of purposes, but most often, elastics or velcros are added to them to help secure the crutches to the user.

Hand Grips​

Drive Medical Euro Style Forearm Crutch are equipped with hand grips that will help you control the crutches more quickly.

They are directly connected to the cuffs and are shaped to accommodate a hand’s grip.

As they are made from the same plastic molded material used for the cuffs, the hand grips are also designed to provide a good grasp at the crutch. They’re not padded so you can’t expect them to be very comfortable, but they get the job done.

They’re comfortable to hold and won’t break down easily, guaranteeing long-term use of the product.

300-lb Weight Capacity

One of the best selling points of this product is its high weight capacity. It can easily be suitable for bigger users.

Adjustable Height

Using a crutch with the right height is important to ensure your comfort, ease of mobility, and proper posture.

The Drive Medical Euro Style Forearm Crutch has an adjustable height that can be used by people 60"-74" in height.

Attractive Color and Appearance​

A lot of people look for elbow crutches so they can replace their hospital-issue units.

The Drive Medical Euro Style Forearm Crutch is a beautiful piece that’s available in two colors so it can be a more fun and attractive option for some.

Product Video​

Drive Medical Euro Style Forearm Crutch Review

Wondering about the performance of the Drive Medical Euro Style Forearm Crutch? How it fares when it comes to the grind is important to learn about to know if it is worth your time and money.

So, to help you get to the bottom of how well this product works here’s a further breakdown of what it can offer.

Ease Of Use​

It’s important to note that most forearm crutches are known to have a learning curve. Beginners need to get a good hang of it before they can freely move around in these support systems.

 This applies in particular for the Drive Medical Euro Style Forearm Crutch as well. It takes some practice to get used to how it can be easily and comprehensively maneuvered.

Once you’ve accomplished this, the Drive Medical Euro Style Forearm Crutch offers more flexibility. You’ll be free to do different gaits once you’ve mastered this elbow crutch, giving you more freedom in moving around.

There are not a lot of bells and whistles in this product, so there’s no other thing that you’ll accidentally engage while trying to get around.

The straightforwardness of the product makes it very handy, which helps get the job done more easily.

Build Quality​

Some people might worry about a lightweight pair of crutches as it might not be able to support a lot of weight.

 In the case of the Drive Medical Euro Style Forearm Crutch, however, the material used may be lightweight, but it is known for its quality.

 It can be supportive of up to 300 lbs of weight in this product. This helps guarantee your safety as you can rest assured that the support product won’t give out while in use.

The large cuffs can also contribute to providing excellent support to the body. It is designed to comfortably support the body’s weight while the user is in an upright position.

This is important to keep you from slouching like an auxiliary crutch will do. Slouching can easily lead to bad posture, which can cause muscle strain and fatigue.

Look & Feel​

As for the look, the Drive Medical Euro Style Forearm Crutch might be one of the most attractive elbow crutches in the market today.

It’s bright blue color is quite cheerful and engaging, while the silver and beige variety looks great in its minimalism.

Because the overall design of the product is also different from traditional forearm crutches, it also doesn’t sound like a depressing hospital-issue product.


Thanks to its design, ease of use, and quality, the Drive Medical Euro Style Forearm Crutch can be an adamant support accessory for those who need it.

You won’t have to struggle with this product to keep you upright every time you use it, so you can be sure that it will do a good job in helping you move around despite your handicap.


The Drive Medical Euro Style Forearm Crutch has a low, friendly price.

This makes it an attractive option for many as being handicapped can cause financial constraints to many families, so finding a reliable and high-quality mobility aid is always a great opportunity to save money.

How Does It Compare?​

How does the Drive Medical Euro Style Forearm Crutch fare against other products? Here are four of its competitors:

Ergobaum Prime

A technologically superior forearm crutch, the Ergobaum Prime also has other features like a night light, reflectors, and an emergency horn to ensure the user’s safety. It even has shock absorbers to make moving around more comfortable.

All of these features may make this product more ideal for elderly users or patients with limited capacities.

The Drive Medical Euro Style Forearm Crutch, on the other hand, can be a better pick for those who are after a no-frills mobility aid. These are budget options compared to the Ergobaum Prime, but they can get the job done.

Millennial Medical Life Crutch

The Life Crutch may be a lot easier to use right away thanks to the fact that it is an underarm crutch, but the Drive Medical Euro Style Forearm Crutch can be a better option for long-term users.

The latter won’t cause discomfort from the underarm rests and even ensure your proper posture, so that can be worth the effort of overcoming the learning curve of forearm crutches.

Millennial Medical In-Motion Pro

A step-up from the Life Crutch, this product can be a good option for those who prefer the ease of use of axillary crutches but want the portability of elbow crutches. It folds, so it’s easier to store and carry for traveling.

But since it still poses the possibility of underarm discomfort and bad posture, the Drive Medical Euro Style Forearm Crutch can still be more preferable for other folks who want a portable mobility aid that is overall better for long-term use.

Medline Aluminum Forearm Crutches

This product is a tough contender, but it is more for those people who like to stick with traditional mobility aids.

The Drive Medical Euro Style Forearm Crutch might appeal better to those who want to veer away from medical looking support systems.