BrainyTrade Image Alpenstock Nordic Walking Poles Review

BrainyTrade Image Alpenstock Nordic Walking Poles

Ease Of Use

Build Quality

Look & Feel



Overall Rating

The Image Alpenstock Nordic Walking Poles are among the more popular products of their kind because of the following benefits.


  • Made of durable aluminum poles
  • Reasonably lightweight
  • Easy to assemble and use
  • With cork grips and rubber grips for a more secure hold
  • With rubber grips for climbing hills
  • Reasonable price


  • May be difficult to adjust for some people
  • Twist locks sometimes don’t work as well as expected

Are you looking for walking poles that can be used for Nordic walking, trekking and hiking as well as walking aids for people recovering from an injury or an illness?

If you are, then you may just find the Image Alpenstock Nordic Walking Poles as a good choice!

We have seen a wide range of people using these poles for outdoors adventures and for indoors mobility purposes, so these merit your consideration.

Key Features

The Image Alpenstock Nordic Walking Poles are widely considered as products with good value for the money because of the following key features:

  • Adjustable length with a telescoping mechanism consisting of three sections
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    Made of high-strength 7075 aluminum with a frosted effect
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    With anti-shock mechanism that can be turned on and off
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    Equipped with convenient features from the cork grip and adjustable wrist strap to the replaceable rubber ferrules

When shipped, the package includes two pieces of brand-new adjustable trekking poles.

BrainyTrade Image Alpenstock Nordic Walking Poles Review

When adjusted and used correctly, the pair of trekking poles can improve the user’s balance, stability, and stamina while on an outdoor adventure or indoor activity.

The key here is in adjusting their length so that the poles are appropriate for your height and walking pace as well as the terrain where you will be using them for hiking support.

Ease Of Use​

If it isn’t your first time to use walking poles, then you may find that these poles are easy to assemble and use, especially as it comes nearly fully assembled.

 When used in the field, especially when there’s a change of terrain, you can also quickly change the poles’ length using their telescoping mechanism and locking system.

Experts agree that, indeed, changing the length of your poles with a change of terrain is a must since your walking stride and pace will also change.

For example, the shift from a relatively even dirt road to a muddy ground will affect how fast you can cover the distance and how much support you will need from your walking poles.  

The poles have three main features that make them easy to use on the field, mainly by ensuring that the user can keep a firm and secure hold on them even on steep terrain.

  • The non-slip cork grip reduces the risk of sweat and fluid build-up, so there’s less chance of the walking poles falling out of your hands, a must when you’re tackling muddy ground on hot days. The foam extension on the grip adds to the secure hold necessary for climbing hills. Both are also forgiving on your hands, so there’s less chance of blisters developing after hours on the trail or indoors.
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    The ergonomic knob located on top of the cork grip provides greater control during downhill situations.
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    The adjustable straps have a comfortable feel against the skin, aside from ensuring that the poles don’t slip from your wrist when your hands lose their grip. Plus, these straps contribute to the natural movements of your arms when walking, so you don’t feel prematurely tired on the trail.

But we must also say that the poles have a few issues that can affect their ease of use on the field.

We found that the twist locks can become stuck although gentle tugs usually do the trick. But th

e few minutes of repairing them can be inconvenient, especially when you have a schedule to follow.

Build Quality​

The poles are made of high-strength 7075 aluminum alloy, the kind used for frames on airplanes.

These poles then have high tensile strength, a must when you want secure and sturdy Nordic walking poles that can take as much holding force as you can put on them.

According to the manufacturer, these poles have a holding force of more than 120 kilos but only when these are adequately adjusted.

When you lean on them, you shouldn’t feel as if they are bending or breaking apart although there should be a certain degree of giving.

You should never place your entire weight on the poles for more than a minute or so because these may break; these are walking poles, not walls.

Look & Feel​

Each pole weighs around 280 grams so you will not feel like you’re using heavy wooden sticks.

The weight is the right balance between lightweight to avoid premature cramping in your arms and heft to make you feel secure in their durable quality.

If it’s your first time using Nordic walking poles, you may feel off about them, but after a few minutes, these become like nearly natural extensions of your arms.

These poles are also less clumsy than walkers and canes although we must even say that the latter have their benefits.

The poles also have a frosted effect, so these are quite stylish to look at. While trekking and hiking can be dirty activities, no rule says you can’t look nice on the trail either.


Each telescoping walking pole has three sections with the middle section being the part where the adjustments in length can be made.

On and off the trails, the poles can be adjusted from their shortest length of 27 inches to their most extended length of 54 inches with a few twists.

Be sure to use the twist lock mechanism once you have attained the right length in each pole.

Once locked, the poles will likely hold their length. But we had also encountered rare instances when the twist lock mechanism appeared to become loose on its own.

So beware of it, too, mainly when you’ve had these poles for several months.

Each pole also has an internal anti-shock system that can be turned on and off.

But the manufacturer failed to mention how it can be done, an oversight that we hope can be addressed soon.

The system reduces the strain on the joints, muscles, and ligaments from the shoulders to the lower back by absorbing part of the vibration upon impact.

You can experience it by paying closer attention to the level of muscle tiredness you experience with and without the poles.

When you’re the poles correctly, you will likely find that you feel less tired even when you have covered longer distances.

Your body has taken less of a beating because it has been subjected to fewer vibrations.

The poles are also equipped with carbide tips and rubber ferrules.

 We suggest using the carbide tips, which are as durable as the aluminum shafts, when you’re tacking soft surfaces and uneven ground, such as muddy or rocky soil.

You can then cover the carbide tips with the rubber ferrules when you’re using the poles on smooth and hard surfaces, such as on pavements, boardwalks, and wooden floors.

These are collapsible poles that can be easily carried inside a backpack.


These poles are reasonably priced considering that you can use them for indoor and outdoor use for a few years.

How Does It Compare To Other Products?​

1. Montem walking poles

The Montem walking poles are suitable for trekking and hiking, thanks to their adjustable bolts for adjusting their length, nylon straps, and aluminum construction.

These may be suitable for indoor use, but we recommend the Image Alpenstock walking poles more due to the abovementioned reasons.

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2. FitLife Nordic walking poles

The FitLife Nordic walking poles are also suitable for outdoors sports activities with their aluminum material, anti-shock design, and EVA foam handles with nylon straps.

These are less secure when held in the hands than the Image Alpenstock walking poles, but these are still satisfactory when used in less difficult situations.

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3. BAFX Products walking poles

The BAFX Products walking poles will rival the Image Alpenstock walking poles in overall performance since they share several similarities.

Both are made of sturdy yet lightweight aluminum, as well as equipped with ergonomic straps and grip, carbide tips and rubber ferrules, and telescoping design.

 But the former have mud baskets making it suitable for muddier or softer ground.

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4. American Nordic Walking System walking poles

The American Nordic Walking System walking poles can be used for trekking and hiking as well as for physical therapy and rehabilitation purposes, the latter mainly because of the poles’ one-piece construction.

This may not apply to the Image Alpenstock walking poles because of their 3-piece construction.

But the American Nordic Walking System Poles cannot be customized on the field, again due to their one-piece construction.

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