Best Rollator with Seat (For When You Need to Take a Rest!)

Some seniors are happy to have a walker that can help them move without any assistance from someone. But most of them will gladly welcome having a rollator transport chair.

The best rollator with the seat not only makes it possible for the elderly to move around but also take a rest whenever they are tired.

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What Is A Rollator With Seat?

A rollator is a walker with wheels on the bottom. It offers an easier way for seniors and adults recuperating from an injury to move around, without any assistance from another person.

A rollator with seat provides more convenience to its users because it can transform into a wheelchair where adults can sit on whenever they get tired.

 A rollator with a seat is typical with four wheels to increase stability and be able to support the adult sitting on it.

Rollator with a chair is heavier and larger compared to the three-wheeled rollator, but it provides more stability and support to users.

It also has a more massive selection of accessories, from baskets, cup holders, trays, and even cane holders.

Best rollator with seat

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What Are The Benefits Of Using A Rollator With Seat?

Why should you buy a rollator walker with a seat? The following advantages of rollators with seat could make you buy one:

1. Convenience

Imagine this scenario--- you are in the mall, and you suddenly feel the urge to sit down.

 But you can’t find any seats, so you’re forced to move around and look for any seat or chair where you can sit down.

This can be very frightening for many adults, especially the elderly. However, you can avoid this nightmare if you have a rollator with a seat.

You just press a button to lock the rollator and prevent it from moving while you rest on the integrated seat.

Almost all rollator with seat reviews will agree that this benefit is the main reason why a lot of adults, particularly the elderly, buy the rollator with seat model.

2. Perfect for travel

Another reason why you would want to have a rollator with a seat is that it can be very handy when you are traveling.

It is a lot more compact than a wheelchair, so you can use it moving around a busy airport. You can also use it as a mobility aid while strolling around the countryside.

The storage bag found in most rollator seats can also come in handy for storing small items like your handbag, travel documents, camera, and phone.

3. Ideal for use outdoors

Rollators with an integrated seat are often designed with large wheels.

The diameter of the wheels may range from 6 to 8 inches. Sure, the large wheels can add up to the weight of the rollator, but it can also let you push the unit over uneven ground quickly. 

Thus a rollator with the seat can be an ideal companion for senior citizens who want to go to the park for a stroll.

4. Stability

It has been mentioned earlier that rollator with seats typically has four wheels.

The extra wheel makes a lot of difference as far as stability is concerned. Users will have more confidence moving around with a rollator that has four wheels compared to one with just three wheels.

Maneuverability may be compromised, though.

5. Portability

Rollators with a seat can be folded into a more compact size so that they can be placed inside the car compartment.

While some models may be difficult to fit inside the trunks of smaller cars, most wheeled rollators with seat can be stored in the compartments of SUVs and buses.

To get a better understanding of how a rollator with a seat can make you more mobile and active without needing the assistance of a nurse or caregiver, you can watch this YouTube clip:

How To Choose The Best Rollator With Seat

With many rollators with seat in the market, you will certainly be confused in picking just one model for you or a loved one.

However, you stand a better chance of buying the right rollator with seat if you keep in mind the following factors when shopping for a wheeled walker:

1. Width

How do you determine if the rollator’s width is just right for the user? You’ll have to remember that the average width of doorways is 24 inches.

Thus the width of the rollator must be lower than 24 inches so that the adult user will be able to get the rollator through any door with relative ease.

old lady using rollator with seat

The seat of the rollator is narrower than the actual unit. A good rollator has a seat that is around 13 inches in width.

2. Height of the seat

The height of the seat must be around 20 to 22 inches from the ground. At this height, an adult should be able to sit comfortably with his or her feet touching the floor.

 It is also not too small enough for him or her to exert a lot of effort in standing up.

It is also advisable to look for a rollator that has a height-adjustable seat so the user can change the height level whenever he or she likes to.

3. Lightweight/size

Rollators with seat are practically designed for adults or seniors who don’t want to be confined to their rooms or homes.

These wheeled walkers are primarily for users who want to remain active. Thus the size and weight of the rollator should be a major consideration as well because users would want their walkers to be able to fit comfortably in the back of their cars.

The rollator with wheel should collapse into a more compact version so it can be put inside the trunk even of a small car.

Here’s a YouTube clip that you can watch to have a better understanding of the things you need to consider when shopping for a rollator with seat:

Top 5 Rollator With Seat Today

We know shopping for a rollator with seat can be confusing and overwhelming what with the number of choices available.

We’ve made things easier for you by picking five of the most recommended wheeled rollators with seats today:

1. Drive Medical Duet Dual Function Transport Wheelchair Walker Rollator

This rollator slash transport chair is a bit heavy at 20 pounds, but you will love its lock-out feature.

 The said lock ensures that the unit stays open while in use and that it will remain folded when in the compartment or stored in a room.

It also can accommodate users who weigh as heavy as 300 pounds.

It is a heavy duty rollator with a two- position, contoured padded backrest and carried pouch for securing personal items.The rollator has dimensions of 26 inches (length) 25.5 inches (width), and 37 inches (height).


  • It feels solid and sturdy
  • It is durable
  • Wheels are large thus this rollator can pass through gravel and uneven ground with relative ease.
  • The height of the seat is adjustable
  • The height of the handle is adjustable as well
  • It is easy to assemble


  • It’s a bit wide for a rollator with a seat. Hence you may encounter difficulties in getting this rollator through narrow doorways
  • It is heavy
  • It can be difficult to maneuver this rollator in tight spaces
  • The brake system has a tendency to malfunction

2. Medline Combination Rollator Transport Chair

This rollator converts into a wheelchair quickly with the flip of the backrest. It offers a side carrying case, an under-seat storage basket, and a cup holder.

Although it weighs 18 pounds which is a bit heavy for a rollator, it can safely accommodate adults who weigh 250 pounds.

The front wheels measure six inches in diameter while the rear has 8-inch wheels, providing ample support and flexibility, especially when going through rough surfaces.

Some handbrakes can assure the user’s safety.


  • The rollator easily converts into a wheelchair with a quick flip of the backrest
  • It is easy to assemble
  • It can pass through most doors
  • Folds easily so transport and storage won’t be a problem
  • The storage basket under the seat provides ample space for various personal stuff
  • Ergonomically designed handles
  • It can be used outdoors and indoors
  • It is relatively affordable


  • Durability can be a concern. Its cup holder, for instance, can quickly fall off
  • Back support isn’t enough, with users saying it is awkwardly positioned
  • Many reviewers users say that 8-inch wheels should have been in front

3. Lumex Hybrid Rollator Transport Chair

This rollator has dimensions of 18 inches (length), 26 inches (width), and 40 inches (height). It weighs 22 pounds and can support users who weigh as much as 300 pounds.

It is made of high-quality aluminum, with a handbrake that is designed like that of a bicycle.

 The handbrake is reliable and should prevent any accidents. It also has an ergonomically designed handle.


  • Made of high-quality aluminum, this rollator should last for a long while as it is very durable
  • There are two storage bags included- one is under the basket, and one can be carried over the shoulder
  • Both bags are spacious and can carry a lot of items
  • It is cheap
  • The wheels are large and can handle relatively rough surfaces with ease
  • It folds up easily for storage and transport
  • Although it is big and cumbersome, it is surprisingly easy to handle and maneuver in tight spaces


  • The seat may not be comfortable to some
  • The rollator may be a bit too wide to pass through narrow doorways
  • It is big and heavy
  • Feels unstable and wobbly

4. Healthline Trading Combo Transport Rollator Chair W/8" Wheels

This rollator with seat has 8-inch wheels that make it easy to go through uneven surfaces.

Its seat has a width of 13.5 inches, and the seat has a floor height of 21 inches. It weighs 19 pounds and can accommodate users who weigh 300 pounds.

The seat is padded to ensure the comfort of its users. There’s also large under the seat pouch for storage of personal items.

As a bonus, there’s a handle inside the bag to aid with the folding. Speaking of folding, there’s a folding frame with lockout to ensure that the unit remains open when in use and that it stays folded during transport.


  • Well-built
  • Leg rest folds up quickly for ease of transport
  • Easy to push around
  • Hand grips are comfortable to hold
  • Designed for use both indoors and outdoors
  • Bag offers enough room for storage of various items
  • Affordable


  • Although the seat is padded, some reviewers say it isn’t comfortable to sit on
  • No assembly instructions at all
  • Some units lack an armrest and Velcro strap
  • Handling is very poor; it tends to veer to the left

5. Hugo Mobility Sidekick Side-Folding Rollator Walker with Seat

This is one of the lightest in the list, weighing just 17 pounds. Despite being lightweight for a four-wheeled walker, it can accommodate adults who weigh as much as 250 pounds.

It has a full contoured backrest, giving the user a comfortable seat as he tries to catch his breath.

 It has 8-inch front wheels that enable it to quickly pass through rough terrain, while the six inch rear wheels make it good enough for use indoors as well.

This is a senior-friendly rollator as it comes with easy-to-follow instructions. Assembly should be quick and easy, without the need for any tools.


  • Its seat is wide at around 17 inches, so users will be able to sit on it comfortably
  • Easy to assemble
  • Storage bag is spacious and made of high quality material
  • It feels sturdy
  • It is easy to handle
  • Brakes work well
  • Handle can be adjusted


  • Some items come with poor/incorrect assembly
  • Seat isn’t comfortable
  • Backrest is too low
  • Durability is questionable; pieces can fall off quickly

Our Recommended Rollator With Seat

These five rollators with seats should make you or a loved one more mobile and lead a more active lifestyle. But which is the best in the list?

We’ll have to go with the Drive Medical Duet Dual Function Transport Wheelchair Walker Rollator. Sure, it’s a bit heavy, but no one can deny that it is durable and stable.

We liked that the height of the seat and handle is adjustable and that it has large wheels that allow it to pass through uneven ground very quickly.

The lockout feature also ensures that the rollator will stay in place when it is folded for storage or transport.

Drive Medical Duet Dual Function Transport Wheelchair Walker Rollator