BAFX Products Anti-Shock Walking Poles Review

BAFX Products Anti-Shock Walking Poles

Ease Of Use

Build Quality

Look & Feel



Overall Rating

Based on our tests of these walking poles, we have found the following pros and cons.


  • Easy to assemble and use
  • Made of durable aluminum
  • Versatile uses for daily walking (i.e., as a mobility aid) and outdoors activities
  • Lightweight
  • one year warranty on manufacturing defects


  • Plastic handles
  • Twist locks can become stuck

The BAFX Products walking poles are affordable yet still durable and sturdy enough to be used for everyday walking, trekking and, hiking.

These poles are also a good choice if you’re a beginner in these outdoor activities because of their ease of assembly and use.

These should last for a few years with proper care and maintenance, such as wiping off the dirt and debris after use to prevent premature rust build-up.

Key Features

The BAFX Products walking poles share several similarities in design, build and performance with many walking poles, but there are also notable differences.

  • Telescoping poles with adjustable length
  • check
    Weighs about 12 ounces per pole
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    Designed with twist locking system
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    Comes with ergonomic grips, wrist straps, and mud disks

A Video Tip For BAFX Product Anti-Shock Walking Poles

BAFX Products Anti-Shock Walking Poles Review

Ease Of Use​

While there’s assembly involved before the walking poles can be used, you will likely find it more comfortable than expected even for a beginner.

You will appreciate their intuitive design, especially as there are just a few parts to walking poles – only the grips, shaft, and tips. You should be able to use it within minutes.

You can also read the instructions manual, which contains detailed information on their proper assembly, use, and maintenance, as well as watch the video (i.e., a link is stated in the manual).

While the design seems similar to most telescoping walking poles, it still pays to use the BAFX walking poles according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Each pole has an adjustable length between 25.5 inches and 53 inches.

You can then adjust and readjust the length of the poles until you have the correct length that, in turn, should be based on your height and walking stride.

You may also adjust the length depending on whether you’re going downhill or uphill as well as on the type of terrain you’re walking on.

The poles are designed with a turn locking system, a standard mechanism that should be easy to use.

The turn and lock device can open and close each pole so that length adjustments can be made on the spot.

But we encountered minor issues with the device, such as a less than smooth opening and closing, but these were temporary – the device worked well otherwise.

There’s also a measuring aid on each of the pole’s middle section. It’s a useful feature when you don’t want to remember your preferred pole length for every trip. 

Build Quality​

These are slender walking poles made of aluminum alloy, a conventional material in most walking poles.

Aluminum alloy has a slightly more substantial quality than carbon fiber, the other popular material, but it’s stronger and sturdier, as well as easily repairable.

Every pole weighs around 12 ounces, so it’s lightweight enough for hours of trekking and hiking without causing excessive strain on your hands and arms.

It’s an essential feature in walking poles because even 5 ounces of added weight will make a considerable difference in your comfortable use, especially after hours of walking with them.

The handles are made of thick plastic, durable material, but we found that these aren’t the ideal material for “give.”

After a few hours of holding the handles, you may see that these are becoming progressively uncomfortable. 

Look & Feel​

The BAFX trekking poles have a decent quality despite the ultra-affordable price – and it can be seen as soon as you open their box.

The aluminum alloy shaft has a matte shine that makes the material seem stronger and sturdier while the foam grips, plastic handles, and rubber tips appear durable, too.

These poles are designed for beginners and intermediate Nordic walkers, trekkers, and hikers.

But we have also seen many people who use them for heavy-duty activities without breaking in the middle of a trek.

The trick lies in their proper use regardless of the walking situation, such as using them for balance and stability instead of leaning too heavily on them.


When these are in their shortest length of about 2 feet, the poles fit well into backpacks and briefcases, so these are portable than, say, the one-piece trekking poles.

When these are expanded to your desired length, you can rely on them to provide the balance, support, and stability necessary for walking safely on various terrains.

You can rely on them for city and country walking, even on the rocky, muddy and sandy soil.

Again, you may want to read the pocket guide to get tips about their safe and effective use on every terrain. 

You can keep these general tips in mind:

  • Use the carbide tips, which are hidden under the poles’ rubber feet, for walking on uneven terrain (i.e., rocky ground).
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    Use the rubber tips when you’re walking on even and hard ground, such as asphalt and hard trails during the summer.
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    Use the mud baskets for hiking in snow, mud and other softer ground covering; te poles will not sink too much into the ground so you can still walk relatively easily.

Keep in mind, however, that the rubber ferrules and carbide tips can fall off after a few years of regular use, a regular occurrence due to wear and tear.

But these walking poles come with two pairs of rubber tips, so you don’t have to worry about buying replacements so soon after buying them.

The plastic handles may be durable, but these can become too uncomfortable when the poles are used in hot conditions.

But it’s offset by the comfortable feel of the grip and wrist strap on each pole.

The grips have a ribbed design that reduces hand slippage during hot weather and after several hours of trekking (i.e., sweaty hands).

These also have an ergonomic design that reduces the strain on the hands yet helps the user maintain his balance when ascending and descending hills, wading through water, and traversing soft grounds.

The 16-inch padded wrist straps are wider than most straps, but these are also easier to adjust according to your preferred tightness.

You may or may not use these straps although we suggest using them so as not to lose your poles.

The BAFX trekking poles are designed with anti-shock springs, too.

If you use these poles for everyday walking, you may not appreciate their usefulness; the impact when the poles hit the asphalt, for example, isn’t as significant as when these hit rocky terrain.

But if you’re the type who hikes for an entire day over various types of terrain, you will find the springs useful.

The anti-shock springs reduce the force transferred from the poles to your arms when the latter hit the ground.

The combination of the rubber tips and anti-shock springs reduces the jolting effect during impact.

The result: Your arms and shoulders will not tire too soon and too much, a benefit when you have a whole day of hiking ahead.


The BAFX trekking poles are so affordable that even students and young professionals on a budget will find them a good buy.

Even when this break, as they will over time with regular use, you will likely not cry over them.

How Does It Compare To Other Products?​

1. American Nordic Walking System walking poles

The American Nordic Walking System walking poles are suitable for use for hiking and trekking as well as for physical therapy and rehab purposes.

These have a one-piece design that must be customized to the buyer’s desired length before these can be shipped, unlike the BAFX walking poles that can be customized by the buyer.

Both can be used for regular walking, but we recommend the American Nordic poles if you’re looking for sturdier ones. 

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2. Park Ridge Outfitters Trek Pro walking poles

The Park Ridge Outfitters Trek Pro walking poles are similar to the BAFX Products walking poles regarding their lightweight aluminum alloy material, adjustable length, and anti-shock springs.

Both are then also suitable for regular and Nordic walking, as well as for trekking and hiking. But we must say that the Park Ridge Outfitters poles are ideal for advanced users while the BAFX poles are for begins and intermediate users.

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3. BrainyTrade Image walking poles

The BrainyTrade Image walking poles have an adjustable telescoping mechanism for adjustable length, anti-shock mechanism, and rubber ferrules for use indoors and outdoors.

 These are suitable for more heavy-duty use than the BAFX walking poles.

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4. Montem Ultra Strong walking poles

The Montem Ultra Strong walking poles have adjustable bolts for shortening and lengthening the poles, too.

These are robust poles that do the job as well as the BAFX walking poles, although the former are sturdier, if more expensive than the latter.

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