American Nordic Walking System Real Nordic Walking Poles Review

American Nordic Walking System Real Nordic Walking Poles 

Ease Of Use

Build Quality

Look & Feel



Overall Rating

Want to know if this product will be a good fit for your needs? Here are its pros and cons to give you a quick rundown of what it has to offer.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Durable construction
  • Customization options
  • Reasonable price
  • Versatile uses


  • Not adjustable for all heights
  • Some people found it hard to use the product

The American Nordic Walking System walking poles are the real deal from its one-piece construction to its sturdy metal material.

These poles can be used by athletes on their Nordic walking training and by non-athletes, such as seniors and individuals with balance issues, who appreciate the extra legs.

But most people use it to take up Nordic walking as a cardio exercise, primarily as a more challenging alternative to brisk walking or jogging.

Nordic walking, also known as pole walking, involves the application of force to the walking poles with every stride resulting in a nearly 50% increase in energy use (i.e., calorie consumption). 

Key Features

The pair of Nordic walking poles are distinguished from competing products by the following features: 

  • Recommended by doctors and physical therapists for athletes and non-athletes alike
  • One-piece metal pole design with carbide metal tips

American Nordic Walking System Real Nordic Walking Poles Review

Ease Of Use​

Each pair of the American Nordic Walking System poles comes with a free DVD and printed instructions containing necessary information on its assembly, use, and care.

 Many, if not most, of its competing products, usually leave the research to their users, a definite advantage for these walking poles.

Due to their one-piece design, these poles are easy to assemble and use. In fact, there’s little assembly required since these poles come nearly assembled.

In contrast, walking poles with twist-locking mechanisms, usually in 2-piece or 3-piece construction, as well as collapsible and telescoping designs require more assembly.

But there’s a downside to their one-piece construction. These must be matched to the user’s height, unlike telescoping walking poles with adjustable heights.

But it isn’t a big deal with these poles since the manufacturer offers several sizes so petite and tall persons will likely find their right size.

Be sure to provide correct information about your size because it will have a significant influence on your ease of use.

Too high and you get tired faster on your treks; too low and you won’t get the full benefits from Nordic walking.

The customized height also means that you can use the walking poles on most types of terrain, from asphalt to muddy, rocky and sandy soil, with relative ease.

Once assembled, the poles are easy to use even for beginners.

You may have a learning curve when it’s your first time using Nordic walking poles, but within 15 minutes or so, you will get the hang of it. 

You can also refer to the free DVD and printed instructions for more information about their proper use.

The large handle grips make it easy to adjust your hand positions according to the terrain you’re walking on and the pace you’re going.

These are also useful when tackling challenging terrain and when walking during snowy or icy conditions – the large handle grips allow for a firm and secure hold over the walking poles.

Build Quality​

These poles are sturdy and robust right out of their box, a must for all Nordic walking poles regardless of design.

The metal material seems thick enough, so it isn’t readily dented with prolonged use during hikes in the hills and woods.

The surface is also easy to clean when dirt and debris accumulate on it afterward.

But the poles are lightweight enough to be taken on prolonged hikes. If you have hand or arm issues, you may find that the poles don’t aggravate your condition.

Look & Feel​

When it’s in the hands, the walking poles seem to have the right balance between being hefty enough to withstand rugged use and lightweight enough to be carried in the hands.

This is an essential property in Nordic walking poles because users don’t want walking poles that are too heavy to be moved or too light as to break when used outdoors.

The customized length also makes it easy for users to become accustomed to using their poles.

The negative thing about it is that these poles cannot be shared among family and friends. But since each person should ideally have his or her walking poles, it’s a relatively minor issue.

When used correctly, these Nordic walking poles allow for a more surefooted pace on rugged trails, even when rain and melting snow has made the ground more slippery than usual.

Aside from increasing energy consumption by encouraging the body to apply more force on its bones and muscles, these walking poles also act as extra legs to get a secure foothold on the ground.

If you’re looking for walking poles that will not worsen your knee or leg issues, then you may find the American Nordic Walking System walking poles to be a good choice.

You may see that with your better posture and greater stride length when you’re using it; you’re getting a total body workout from using these poles.

You may not even go back to simple brisk walking after getting more miles from your walking exercise.


The American Nordic Walking System walking poles have a reliable quality to them, thanks to their durable and sturdy one-piece construction.

Even after hours of walking with them over rugged terrain, these poles will withstand the severe conditions for several more years to come.

Just be sure to take good care of them since even the most robust walking poles can break with improper use and care.

But we suggest placing extra rubber tips on the ends of the walking poles.

These rubber tips will not only make the poles sturdier, but these will also provide a better foothold on smooth surfaces, such as on asphalt, tiles, and pavements.

You should remove the rubber tips, however, when you’re trekking on rugged terrains, such as rocky trails.


The American Nordic Walking System walking poles have a reasonable price considering their durability, quality, and versatility of use.

You may initially find the price to be on the expensive side, but after using it on a few Nordic walking trips, you may just change your mind.

How Does It Compare To Other Products?​

These Nordic walking poles have several competing products.

1. Park Ridge Outfitters Trek Pro Hiking Pole

The Park Ridge Outfitters Trek Pro Hiking Poles are suitable choices for trekking, climbing and walking on most types of terrain, too, from muddy trails to rocky ground, even on the icy soil.

These are one-size-fits-all walking poles due to their telescoping design with its height ranging from 26 inches to 54 inches.

These poles also have tungsten carbide tips, lightweight metal material, and EVA contoured hand grips with comfortable straps. 

Both the Trek Pro and American Nordic walking poles are suitable for athletic and non-athletic use.

But if you’re looking for a more customized feel, then the latter is your better choice.

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2. Brainy Trade pair of Nordic walking poles

The Brainy Trade pair of Nordic walking poles also has a telescoping design with three sections, thus, allowing for adjustments in height from 27 inches to 54 inches.

These are suitable for more rugged uses with its anti-shock on/off mechanism and easy-twist lock adjustment system, which helps in reducing stress on the knees, thighs and lower back as well as the shoulders.

While the American Nordic walking poles are useful for everyday walking, the Brainy Trade poles are most often used for sports activities because of their more portable design.

You can fold the latter into several sections and then place them inside your bag when you’re on level ground.

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3. Montem Ultra Strong walking poles

The Montem Ultra Strong walking poles have adjustable bolts that allow for height adjustments from 24 inches to 53 inches.

Thus, these can be shared by a few people who take turns. These are made of durable aluminum that, according to its manufacturer, is the same one used on airplanes. 

These Montem walking poles are popular among Nordic walking enthusiasts, too, because of their robust design and adjustable height.

But their telescoping design may be an issue for people used to one-piece walking poles, especially regarding ease of use out of the box.

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4. Life & Fit Nordic walking poles

The Life & Fit Nordic walking poles are designed for true mountain trekking with its high-quality aluminum material, anti-shock absorbing design, and EVA foam handles with wide straps.

The metal material used is touted as the lightest yet strongest for walking poles, as it must be to withstand the extra-rugged use on tough terrains. 

These also have an extendable design with the poles’ lengths extending from 26 inches to 53 inches with a few twists.

When not in use, these can be collapsed for storage in a camping bag.

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